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11 December 2022
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What is “HoHoSkips”?
  • “HoHoSkips” APP assists the public and the renovation trade in properly disposing of small quantities of construction waste.
  • Recycler collects construction waste at designated collection points or at customized collection points (locations must allow temporary stopping and be agreed upon by recyclers). Follow the Facebook page for details.
  • With the funding support of the Recycling Fund and the reduction of costs by waste separation and recovery, the recycler only charges $71 per tonne of inert construction waste and $200 per tonne of non-inert construction waste.
  • “HoHoSkips” provides functions for service booking, getting real-time positions of collection vehicles, contacting the recycler, etc.
  • It is convenient and environmentally friendly to dispose of construction waste with “HoHoSkips”.

Recycling service is funded by the Recycling Fund

Recycling Fund
$71 / tonne
Inert Construction Waste
Rock, rubble, boulder, earth, soil, sand,
concrete, asphalt, brick, tile,
masonry or used bentonite
$200 / tonne
Non-inert Construction Waste
Bamboo, wood, plants, glass, packaging waste, and other organic and metallic materials
How to use?
  • 1. Segregate construction waste into inert
    and non-inert construction waste in advance.
  • 2. Book service through
  • 3. Put construction waste at places as directed at the collection points,
    weigh and calculate the charges.
  • 4. Pay the recycler to complete the
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Rules for Users
  • Put loose or fragmented construction waste in bags, which must be tied securely before using the service.
  • Divide the construction waste into as many bags as possible for easy handling if it is heavy.
  • Call the recycler to discuss the proper way of disposing of the construction waste if it is long or large in size.
  • For each service transaction, no more than half the volume of a skip (around 20 bags or 1 tonne) is accepted.
  • Show up at the collection points on time and place inert and non-inert construction waste as directed by the recycler (e.g. on weighing equipment).
  • Call the recycler to change a more suitable time or location if it is unable to stop for collection at the booked time and collection point due to heavy traffic or other factors.
  • Move construction waste into the vehicle in case only recycler driver is at scene and no recycler workers are present.
  • If the construction waste is mixed with inert and non-inert waste, it shall be deemed as non-inert construction waste for payment. If situation allows, mixed construction waste after segregation can be charged according to the type of construction waste.
  • Each premises can only use the service up to three times per month.
  • The contract value of the involved project must be less than $1 million to use the service. Otherwise, the contractor is required by the law to open a billing account for the contract for disposal at government waste disposal facilities and shall dispose of the construction waste themselves.
  • The recycler only accepts construction waste. If only furniture is to be disposed of, members of the public should dispose of it to the public refuse collection points managed by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department for disposal. Details can be found here.
If the above rules are not followed, the service request may be refused.
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